Thursday, October 29, 2009

Small Change, Llama , Tripwires Fri. 10/30

The Tripwires, Llama, the Small Change

(Sunset) Seattle quartet the Tripwires write well-crafted pop/rock songs that suggest they've spent many studious hours with the brilliant catalogs of the Byrds, Nick Lowe, Squeeze, Gram Parsons, and other composers whose brainchildren have gone on to the stand the test of time with impressively erect postures. The Tripwires—seasoned scene fixtures John Ramberg, Jim Sangster, Johnny Sangster, and Mark Pickerel—understand the importance in their particular niche of memorable hooks, interesting dynamics, varied guitar tones, and passionate vocalizing. They proudly and staunchly uphold the verities of this traditional approach to music-making on their new album, House to House (Spark & Shine Records), whose public emergence tonight's show celebrates. DAVE SEGAL

Riffbrokers as X on Halloween

Mountain Kids Fantasy, M. Bison, the Riffbrokers, Helen Chance, the Mangles, High Divide, Radiolake, Julia Massey

(Skylark) For the past three years, the Skylark has hosted the Come as You Aren't! Halloween battle of the bands, in which local groups are judged on their ability to impersonate famous musicians. Each band dons the appropriate costumes and plays quick 20-minute sets—the point is to get in, entertain the fuck out of people, and get out. And this year's lineup should be full of surprises, as bands like Radiolake, the Mangles, the Riffbrokers, M. Bison, and Mountain Kids Fantasy will, for one night only, summon the musical prowess of beloved artists such as Frank Sinatra, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Devo, and X. MEGAN SELING