Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doll Test to play Skylark Sept. 25

The Doll Test return to the stage after sabbatical with a slightly new line-up of personnel. John Troutman adds third guitar (like Skynard!)and the Small Change's Doug Stevens is on drums. Nick and Heather Riffbroker are lead gtr and bass respectively to frontman Scott 5's guitar and voice. They will bring the hits from EP 'Gasoline And Banks' as well as '08's smash album 'Mosque Alarm Clock'. There are a few new gems by Sc5 as well.
Opening the bill is an industrial powerpop outfit from Ghent, Belgium called Wallace Vanborn. Your grandma might die from their socialized medicine rock! Your health insurance premium may be through the roof- but shows at the Skylark are always free. Come drink and stare blankly- you'll regret nothing.

Free cover...21+...9pm
* 3803 Delridge Way SW
* Seattle, WA 98106
* 206.935.2111

Wallace Vanborn receive free bass care in Belgium.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News from Glad Girls, Small Change , Riffbrokers

The Glad Girls new EP is mastered and sequenced.
The Small Change is working on a new link to download the new album as well as past albums for free!
The Riffbrokers are turning 10 years old this fall. A big show is scheduled for November 7 at the Skylark. Guest bands will perform their favorite Riffbrokers songs.
Also Dagger Zine has posted this very short review of Weight of Line and Intersection-
HE RIFFBROKERS- WEIGHT OF LINE AND INTERSECTION- UNSMASHABLE- Kickin’ power-poppy roots rock with pure guts and determination (an a sense of humor too). No filler here, all 10 of these songs are worthy if your time but my pick to click is the 6-string bendin’ opener, “Told You to Go” and the closer, “End of all Things.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Glad Girls

The artists formerly known as The Build Up (since 2004) have renamed themselves The Glad Girls. The new EP is mastered and will be available soon- stay tuned!