Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Change live Jan. 29, 2010

The Small Change - Every Line In My Head
(Unsmashable Records)
by QuitterDan

As the Needle hits the groove on "Every Line In My Head", the 3rd long player from Seattle's The Small Change, I can't help but feel excited that some new old sounds are resurging and hoping to overthrow the current status quo of indie rock. As the opening track "From the East Coast" fades in, there's an electricity to this band, and with hooks reminiscent of Elvis Costello, Early Bruce Springsteen & The Stiff records catalog circa 1978, You can't stop feeling great while listening to this! Following with pummeling precision, "Every Line In My Head" reminds me how incredible power pop still is, while "Droppin' Petals on the Way down", "Can't Dance Wicha Honey", "Celebrate" and "Downtown in a Restaurant" all follow suit with solid songwriting, unbelievable hooks and sing along staying power.

Frontman Greg Collinsworth puts more passion in his vocals than an entire generation of Death Cabs & Modest Mice. The music behind Greg is tightly knit, with such strong hooks & able performances by Nick, Doug, Jason, and Ryan (last names be damned, these guys are your new best friends). In a sea of redundant "snore-core" bands, The Small Change erupt with fervor, passion, and pop hooks galore. All hail The Small Change!