Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 UR New Year, New Decade- The Teens!

Exciting stuff ahead for the new year at UR:
The first day of the year will kick off with Nick and Heather Riffbroker helping fill out Overwhelming Colorfast at a free show at the Sunset. That's Friday night- Jan. 1, also UR mates The Small Change, and Paul Lynde Fan Club.

Jan. 29 the Small Change release their new record 'Every Line In My Head' at the Sunset with guests TBA.

New material is in the works from The Riffbrokers, The Doll Test, The Glad Girls, and Ryan Maxwell's new project The Far Away Eyes.

While the I Love Myselfs are on a short break, Eric The Swede Olson has regrouped the nucleus of the old Lower 48 band into The South Sound Bureau Chiefs. Look for a recording this spring!

As always look for tweets for a free download demo of the week at our myspace site.