Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Riffbrokers Anxious To Record New Album

The Riffbrokers were recently in the studio getting ready to record their next album. Heather Millward looked intently at her bass head as Chris Cline, lead guitarist, was busy arranging various effects pedals.

"I'm ready to take my guitar playing to the next level, stylistically. And that level would be to get that sound captured onto some sort of audio file."
"We're still feeling a few things out, trying to find stuff..." interjected Nick Millward, frontman and songwriter, "- like where to plug things in. There are a lot of things going on in this studio, and once we figure out how it works, we'll be off and running."

Ryan Maxwell, the combo's drummer, was tuning his rack toms,
"Chris mentioned the next level- I'd like to get some levels on my drums. I imagine there should be several mic's arranged in some way around my kit, and then I think I say to someone, 'Okay, let's get some levels!'"

Nick: "The new songs reflect a lot of internal and external struggles within the band, as well as our relationships outside the band. Right now we're struggling to find something that says "Record Button".
Heather: "Check, check, check. Check one, two. Sibilance."
Nick: "Heather's a real pro. She just exudes confidence, and it's contagious."

The Riffbrokers' sense of fun in their catchy yet '
too-tedious-to-pigeonhole' sound is also contagious. The new record that eventually gets recorded is sure to be a smash.