Thursday, March 4, 2010

Absolute Powerpop sez:

Seattle's The Small Change is back with Every Line in My Head, their third disc and followup to their quality 2005 self-titled debut. They're on Unsmashable Records, and they're kindred spirits with labelmates The Doll Test and The Riffbrokers. In other words, hard-driving power pop with garage and British Invasion overtones. "From the East Coast" gets you right into things with a propulsive guitar riff that underlines their passionate rock sound, while "Droppin' Petals on the Way Down" has an Elvis Costello feel to it. "Downtown in a Restaurant" finds them taking no power pop prisoners, and the title track is 2:10 of first-rate garage rock. Also like The Doll Test, they're not afraid to tackle political themes as "Nothin' 2 Say" and "Yer Torturin' Me" attest, although the songs work as power pop and rock as well.