Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News from Glad Girls, Small Change , Riffbrokers

The Glad Girls new EP is mastered and sequenced.
The Small Change is working on a new link to download the new album as well as past albums for free!
The Riffbrokers are turning 10 years old this fall. A big show is scheduled for November 7 at the Skylark. Guest bands will perform their favorite Riffbrokers songs.
Also Dagger Zine has posted this very short review of Weight of Line and Intersection-
HE RIFFBROKERS- WEIGHT OF LINE AND INTERSECTION- UNSMASHABLE- Kickin’ power-poppy roots rock with pure guts and determination (an a sense of humor too). No filler here, all 10 of these songs are worthy if your time but my pick to click is the 6-string bendin’ opener, “Told You to Go” and the closer, “End of all Things.”

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